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Company Structure

Madeta a.s. consists of 5 production plants, each of them specialising in a different assortment of dairy products:

Madeta Planá nad Lužnicí

The factory in Plana nad Luznici started its operations in 1968 and after recent extensive modernization process became the biggest plant for natural cheeses production in the Czech Republic. Here we proudly produce the cheeses type Maasdamer, Emmentaler Edam, Akawi and fresh Cottage cheese. Beside the cheese factory we operate also the butter and curd production lines.

Madeta Jindřichův Hradec

The modern history of the factory in Jindrichuv Hradec began in 1973 as a milk-drying plant with a capacity of 180 000 liters of milk per day. Nowadays, the factory specializes mainly in production of desserts for kids and adults, curd, soft cheese, yoghurts, sour cream and fermented dairy products.

Madeta Pelhřimov

The factory in Pelhrimov was built in 1942 and wenat through an extensive reconstruction recently. Nowadays it uses one of the most advanced technologies for production of ESL milk, UHT milk, cream and buttermilk.

Madeta Český Krumlov

The history of the production plants starts in 1940s. Nowadays, Madeta's factory in Cesky Krumlov belongs to biggest blue cheese producers in the whole word and offers an annual capacity of 2 000 tons.